Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Metabolism Boosters

I'm always trying to find ways to increase my metabolism. If we can get that fire burning it will consume calories all the time, even when you're reading David Baldacci's newest book or watching the latest episode of CSI. Here are a few metabolism boosters:

- Lift weights - Woo-hoo. Our favorite thing to do is proven to be the best way to burn more calories. But you smart people already knew that!

- Drink plenty of water - if you're dehydrated you will burn fewer calories throughout the day.

- Drinking ice-cold beverages can burn an extra ten calories a day - that may not seem like much, but it adds up to a pound lost a year.

- Dieting will drop your metabolism - as you lose weight there's less of you to maintain so your resting metabolic rate drops. The solution - weight lifting. Increase your muscle density and your metabolism will keep on kicking so you can keep on losing. You do need to eat healthy as well and exercise portion control, but starving yourself is a temporary fix. You will lose weight initially but it will be difficult to keep it off (you have to keep dropping calories because your metabolism has lowered) and it will also make you miserable. Focus on healthy, whole foods and everyone will be happier.

- Spicy foods can give you a a temporary 23% boost in metabolism. Bring on the salsa - I wonder if the metabolism boost balances out the tortilla chips.

- Eat more protein - it's harder for your body to process, you can burn twice as many calories digesting protein as carbs.

- Change things up - your body is an amazing machine. If you do the same workout over and over again you will hit a plateau. Try a different kind of cardio, lift in a different order, with different reps or sets, or higher or lighter weights. Trying something new will boost your metabolism after as your body compensates for the extra calories burned.

- High intensity exercise burns more calories during and after exercise (some studies show up to 24 hours after). Sorry friends. I know the interval workouts bite, but they are worth the pain.

Please share any metabolism boosting tricks that have helped you.



  1. My contribution...
    EAT BREAKFAST!! your body has been deprived during sleep and needs the energy...plus if we skip it we tend to OVER EAT later.
    Also Mini meals....eating every 3 hours or so helps to keep the metabolism going....and PREVENTS one from OVER INDULGING!!
    FIBER...RAW VEGGIES and FRUIT, WHOLE GRAINS...these things generally take a little longer to eat and to be digested (more calories to boot)!!
    I need to work on the WATER intake...always slack in that department..
    GREAT post

  2. I just saw a nutritionist 2 weeks ago. She told me not to ever skip breakfast. She also said to eat 5-6 small meals a day. This boosts your metabolism AND keeps your body from going into starvation mode, which REALLY slows down metabolism. I don't usually eat before 1-2pm and it's been wrecking havoc on my body. Especially since I exercise mostly mornings. On an empty stomach. Wrong thing to do, but a very hard habit to break.

  3. Thanks, Kim and Roxy for your fabulous input. I have a really hard time eating the mini-meals. You know how you get so crazy when you stop to eat you want to be done with it and not worry about it for a while! So that's my goal - little meals - and as always, limiting the chocolate intake!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Thanks for the tip on spicey foods!

  5. Had to have tacos for dinner after this post!

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  7. Thanks, Jack. Great website! I love the family being fit together, eating healthy together and spending time together. Thanks for promoting such wonderful ideals!