Friday, March 26, 2010

Yoga to lose weight

When I'm pregnant yoga is the only thing that helps me sleep at night. It may be all in my head, but if I don't fit in 10-15 minutes of yoga each night I might as well count on not sleeping.
It's also been proven that yoga can help you eat more mindfully and lose pounds.
Check out Yoga Finder for a class near you or try a fun DVD: Shiva Rea Flow Yoga or Rodney Yee's Yoga.
Please share your favorite yoga moves or a DVD that you love. My favorite yoga pose used to be the Child's Pose, but now I can't breathe in that position, so I'm going with the Warrior Pose.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A break from running

Last Wednesday I ran 3 1/2 miles, at a decent pace for a pregnant lady, then I walked 3 miles. I received three phone calls that day telling me to slow down and two friends at the gym said the same thing. I complained to my husband that night. His response, "These people all care about you. Maybe you should pray about it." I did and the answer humbled me, "This baby is a miracle. How dare you jeopardize that?" I'm done running. I'll keep exercising, but force myself to keep it under control.

Have you ever had a time in your life when you were forced to slow down? How did you deal with it?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Love Your Body - Review and Book Giveaway

It's such an honor for me to review Brooke Parker's book, Love Your Body. Brooke is a registered dietitian, but as I read this book she spoke to me like a food psychiatrist bringing up many issues I have struggled with for years and helping me to find positive solutions to them.

I loved this book. Brooke has a fabulous attitude and it shines through as you read the book and do the exercises. I believe every woman should read this book, it will change your life for the better.

Win your free copy:

We will be giving away 5 copies of Love Your Body: A Diet-Free Approach to Balanced Eating as part of the online book book tour. The contest will close on March 5th at midnight, MST.

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Here's that nifty little form again that you need to fill out to be entered,here

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Metabolism – How to Kick It in Gear

Rev up your metabolism to lose weight – the idea is on the cover of most magazines and the talk of the fitness industry. But what is metabolism and is it possible to increase it?

Metabolism is basically how your body burns calories. Those blessed with a fast metabolism burn calories quickly and are able to keep weight off more easily. Metabolism is based on many factors – age, gender, genetics, weight, and muscle mass, to name a few. Of course we can’t do much about our family history, age, or gender, but there are tricks to increase your metabolism that will make you a more efficient calorie burner and help you stay thin and fit without as much effort.

1. Lift weights - Every pound of muscle burns 35 calories a day, while each pound of fat burns just 2 calories per day. Increase the size of your weights to burn more - When lifting identical volumes (such as 10 pounds 10 times or 20 pounds 5 times) those using heavier dumbbells burn about 25 percent more calories. Many women are afraid of lifting heavy weights, but it is impossible to bulk up without testosterone. Use a weight that is challenging to you, but won’t cause injury. You’ll lose weight and increase muscle tone much faster.

2. Drink plenty of water - if you're dehydrated you will burn fewer calories throughout the day. To burn an extra ten calories a day, make sure your water is icy cold. Ten calories may not seem like much, but it adds up to a pound lost a year.

3. Eat more often. It may sound crazy to those trying to lose weight by restricting their daily caloric intake, but the problem with this old school of thought, explains Michigan dietician Julie Beyer, is that it actually slows metabolism. Recent studies show that eating smaller meals every three to four hours aids metabolism and weight loss. "When you put too many hours between meals, your metabolism actually slows down to compensate. If you then eat a huge meal - at the same time your metabolism is functioning as if you're starving - your body wants to hold on to every calorie.” Molly Kimball, RD.

4. Move more all day. You can burn up to 350 extra calories daily - enough to shed more than 35 pounds this year - simply by pacing while you talk on the phone, getting up to talk to someone rather than e-mailing, and walking rather than driving for short errands.” James Levine, MD, PhD.

5. Dieting will drop your metabolism - as you lose weight there is less of you to maintain so your resting metabolic rate drops. The solution: eat consistent small meals and lift weights. Increase your muscle density and your metabolism will keep on kicking so you can keep on losing.

6. At least once a week have a long cardio day. Exercising for sixty minutes could burn five times as many calories post-workout than thirty minutes.

7. Eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast weigh less than those who don’t. Also, add more protein - it's harder for your body to process, you can burn twice as many calories digesting protein as carbs.

8. Avoid stress. “Stress can actually cause weight gain, particularly around the tummy,” says Shari Lieberman author of Dare to Lose. Stress increases cortisol which slows metabolism.

9. Include interval training two to three days a week. High intensity exercise burns more calories during and after exercise. Some studies have shown women who did a twenty-minute interval workout lost five times as much weight as those who did a forty-minute steady-paced workout. Sorry friends. I know the interval workouts are tough, but they are worth the pain.

10. Sleep. Oh, I like this one. “Research shows that people who don’t sleep for seven to eight hours a night are more prone to weight gain. Additionally, we now know that lean muscle is regenerated in the final couple of hours of sleep each night.” Julie Beyer, RD

Cami Checketts is a wife, mother, exercise scientist, and author. Her third book, The Sister Pact, is in stores now.


“The Ultimate Over-40 Fat Fighter!” by Selene Yeager - Prevention Magazine
“Boosting Metabolism: 10 Tips That Work” by Susan Woodward for MSN Health & Fitness

“Make the Most of Your Metabolism” by Colette Bouchez
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Setting Achievable Goals

How are those New Year’s Resolutions treating you? Are you irritable without your chocolate? Or sick of getting out of bed early to drag yourself to the gym?

If you’re like me I’m on fire about my lengthy list of goals and then a couple of weeks into the year I realize something – my list is too long and I’m miserable. I’ve finally discovered that it doesn’t work for me to make too many goals at once. I get overwhelmed and frustrated. I now make goals that will be with me for a lifetime, not just a quick fix to get me through the first weeks of January.

One goal a month:
I decide on one goal each month and write it on the top of my calendar. Then if I need to I break it into manageable goals for each day. For example, my goal might be: incorporate more interval training into my workouts. I break it down into: do intervals for my cardio workouts on Monday and Thursday. Then I write on my calendar each Monday and Thursday so I won’t forget. Or my goal may be to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. Again, I use my calendar, but this time I make a little slash mark for each eight ounce glass I drink. Another goal I’ve made is to play (and actually be fun) for at least an hour with my youngest son each day. Again, the goal is already spelled out for me I just make a check mark on the calendar when I accomplish it.

There’s something about writing that goal on the top of my calendar. I look at the calendar often so I can’t forget about or neglect my goal. If you’re not a calendar person, you could place your goal on the mirror or fridge or maybe put it as a reminder each day in your cell phone. Since my cell phone is often lost or dead, this wouldn’t work for me, but you need to find what is most effective for you.

A habit is formed in 21 days. That’s what makes a month-long goal so perfect. If you can make it a month, you will have turned your great goal into a fabulous habit. Then next month you can make a new goal and keep progressing. When I am feeling really ambitious I will set goals in a few different areas. A physical goal: more strength training or at least 5-6 veggies and fruits each day. A spiritual goal: study my scriptures each night or do one act of service each day. A mental goal: add 1000 words to my work in progress each weekday or update my blog three times each week. But this is only when I’m feeling really ambitious and the rest of my life is pretty settled (boys aren’t involved in too many activities, husband’s not ward mission leader, I’m not expecting a baby). Most of the time I am thrilled with one goal a month and that is plenty to work on.

Think about the type of goals you’re setting. As you’ve probably noticed from my examples, my goals are all things that I can accomplish. They are not something vague like: Hit the NYT bestseller list with my next novel or lose twenty pounds for my class reunion this summer. Those might seem like powerful and motivating goals, but they may be out of our control. All I can do is write the best novel I am capable of and work night and day to promote said novel. Even if I eat perfectly and exercise diligently, I may lose fifteen pounds but not twenty. Am I then a failure?

I get annoyed when women come to me wanting me to help them lose weight for an event. Weight is not a great indicator of health and quick weight loss rarely lasts. What I think most of us really want is: to look good, to feel healthy, to be strong and active and enjoy loved ones. Do people really walk up to you and ask how much you weigh? Can you imagine? People do notice how you look. But they really notice how you carry yourself with confidence, the smile on your face, and the spirit you have about you.

Set goals that will make be you your best you. Set goals that you can achieve. Here’s my latest: Smile all day long even when I feel like screaming. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Cami Checketts is an author and exercise scientist. She and her husband are expecting their fourth, he’s praying for another boy. Her latest book, The Sister Pact, is in stores now.