Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I often talk myself into making mistakes. It's easier to convince myself that I don't have any self-control. I can't stop myself from eating that bowl of ice cream (it's always nice to blame someone else. It's not me, it's my lack of self-control.)

From this day forward I am recruiting the power of positive thinking. I've got more self-control that I know what to do with. I believe that I can stop my fingers from wrapping themselves around that piece of chocolate in the candy dish and plunging it into my mouth. I can resist the urge to whip up a batch of cookies and bake whole wheat bread instead. I can stop eating when I'm full instead of busting. I can wake up a few minutes earlier and work harder at the gym.

I, Cami Checketts, have self-control. (And I have a great back-up plan when that self-control falters. I'm going to call my husband or one of my closest buddies and let them remind me that I'm strong!)

How about it, friends? Who's with me?

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