Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's Start This Contest

First day of the big fitness contest. Are you all so excited you can hardly stand it? I'm snacking on grapes while I type this afternoon, rather than my usual bowl of cookie dough ice cream with homemade hot fudge (sorry about the sensory detail, that almost made me want to go make a bowl!).

I have to admit to being a bit depressed today. First day of the fitness contest and I'm so sick I can't workout. I don't understand why, but this also makes me want to sit around and eat. Thank heavens for the contest. I'm at least on track to get my four other points today, even if I can't exercise.

When you're sick, do you workout anyway or do you figure you'll recover quicker if you give your beat-up body a rest?

Have a healthy day,


  1. I've earned my 5 points both yesterday and today, boy those work outs! I feel them through out the WHOLE day, and the next.

  2. Fabulous job, Laci! Wish I could say I was doing so well. Being sick and having the kids out of school. All we want to do is hunker down and bake treats! I'll get with it soon.
    Keep it up,

  3. Hey Cami, I have a detox shake that will help you with the sickness. It will also help you with those servings of fruits and veggies.
    I got this recipe from a ladie in my ward who was always getting sick. Her doctor gave her this healthy detox shake.
    I made it thru yesterday. I am having a little harder time today, but thinking about this contest on my mind is helping out what goes in the mouth though.
    Stacey Buffaloe

    Here is the recipe:
    1 C Soy milk (The physician uses rice milk, but I wanted a little more protein. We couldn't taste a difference.)

    ½ C frozen blueberries

    3 – 5 frozen strawberries (I used fresh)

    1/3 – ½ banana

    2 T honey

    1 handful raw spinach

    1 small handful raw almonds

    Put all ingredients into a blender and mix well. This recipe makes 1 shake.

  4. Thanks, Stacey. It sounds really good too. I'll have to run to the store in the morning and get some soy milk. My sons love it anyway, so it's nice to have around the house.
    Thanks for the recipe,