Thursday, October 8, 2009

Worried about the weekend

Today is a whole new chance to be healthy.

Last night I struggled with wanting a bowl of ice cream, but I stayed strong. Drank a glass of milk with dinner to satiate the craving then brushed my teeth and chewed a lot of gum. My boys are always asking why I chomp on my gum so hard. Isn't that supposed to be a Mom line? Sometimes gum is the only way I make it through.

I'm a bit worried about this weekend. I'm traveling to Park City, Utah for a fun writer's conference with Utah RWA. The problem is two days of writing workshops, lectures, enjoying old friends and meeting new ones, and lots and lots of good food. There's a three-hour party devoted to chocolate. Very bad for Cami. Any suggestions on how to resist without being a party downer?

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