Friday, October 23, 2009

Fitness Contest

How is everyone doing with the fitness contest? I've been consistently getting four points every day. I know I'm supposed to get five, but it is pumpkin cookie baking time. How do you pass that up? I'm going to really try to buckle down this last week. Any tips for staying strong when treats look and smell so good?


  1. I admit...haven't been doing so great at keeping up with the point department...BUT have been continuing to EXERCISE almost daily and striving for healthy options.
    STILL need to get that water in!!!
    Have one TREAT and ENJOY it....then let that craving go. ALSO...don't BUY those things you fall prey to so easily!!!

  2. I am also averaging only 4 points per day. A surprise illness has prevented any sort of workout (besides a small walk if I'm lucky) for me most days. :( The one good thing about that is it makes me KNOW that I have to be perfect every day to earn the other 4 points! (Competition is a good thing!) I have a major sweet tooth but I have been surprised that even on my 'free' day treats just aren't that big of a deal! That is SO unlike me!! Hopefully it will be something that will stick with me after October 31st when all of the Halloween candy is floating around. Good thing my kids are getting too old to trick or treat!
    Thanks for the inspiration...and I have to admit I'm glad I'm not the only one averaging 4! Take care and good luck!

  3. Roxy,
    You must write down those points. There are so many great prizes and I'm always surprised at how many people don't stay faithful to the end and miss out!
    Thanks for the wonderful tips as always. Must avoid the ice cream aisle, must avoid the ice cream aisle!

  4. Wendy,

    I am so sorry about your illness, but appreciate you inspiring me. I have no excuse for four points (three today as I was at book signings and only accomplished my chocolate fruit group). It's amazing when you set your mind to not eat those treats how the craving really can disappear. I'm proud of you!

    Hope you get feeling better soon,

  5. Ummmm...I think there should be an extra point for resisting the urge of opening the bags of candy days before the trick-or-treaters arrive. Now THERE'S the challenge! I can hear those Almond Joys calling my name from their secret hiding place.

  6. I have agree with you, my friend. One bonus point if you resist eating any mini-candy bars before Halloween night. I've already lost that point. Stockton came home from his pre-school party yesterday and offered me his Hershey's bar. How could I say no to that?
    Almond Joy's, huh? Guess I know where we're trick-or-treating.

  7. Okay, I admit, I did great on the fruits/veggies thing at first, and i had good days and not so good days with water. I don't think I had a truly excellent workout all month...My points come in about 51. Pathetic, I know, but there you have it.

  8. Not pathetic. You're amazing to do it. This is not a great time of year for a contest, but it did help me at least think before I gnawed another mini-candy bar.
    I'm enjoying, The Ball's in Her Court. Thanks for sending it!