Monday, September 30, 2013

Blog This by Cami Checketts

Will protecting children throughout the world cost Natasha her own family?
Devastated by the loss of her brother, Natasha Senecot works to expose the dangers of Matthew Chrysler’s violent video games, succeeding in bankrupting and humiliating him.
Chrysler retaliates and sends a hit man after her. Natasha is forced to fake her own death to protect her children, but after witnessing another tragedy, Natasha won’t hide any longer.
In a race against time, can Natasha expose Matthew Chrysler before his assassin murders her family and shatters her world?

Praise for Blog This
From the very first chapter, Blog This grabs your gut and your heart with surprising action and touching moments. Cami Checketts blends suspense, humor, and good clean romance into a story that will stick with you.
Daniel Coleman, Author of Gifts and Consequences

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Have read all of Cami’s books but Blog This is on the top of my list. Read it twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time. Just when you think you know what is going to happen you’re led into a different direction. Had a hard time putting the book down and was anxious to see how it was going to end.
Elsa Akinason

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Natasha stumbled, pain radiating from the terror coursing through her. She chased his dark outline down the stairs and into the great room. “Tony,” she yelled, flipping on the light.
Tony bolted up on the couch. Alex glanced over his shoulder at her, rolling his eyes. “Natasha, really.”
Natasha clapped her hand over her mouth. She shouldn’t have yelled. Alex would kill Tony.
Tony leaped to his feet. He grabbed a poker from the fireplace and charged at Alex. Instead of running out the back door like Natasha hoped, Alex ran towards Tony. Natasha screamed. Alex’s hand darted out, smacking Tony’s wrist. The poker flew into the air. Alex caught it, swinging the metal into Tony’s skull. Tony knocked against a side table and went down. 
“Tony,” Natasha cried out, running toward him.
Alex pulled a gun from the back of his pants and pointed it at Tony. “Stop,” he yelled at Natasha. 
She stopped.
Alex glanced down at Tony who looked barely conscious. “I’m going to ask you very nicely to keep your hands off of Natasha.”
Tony slowly rose to his knees. The side of his face was already swelling. His eyes flickered from Alex to Natasha. “Are you okay?”
Tony had a gun pointed at his head, and he was concerned about her. She tried to nod reassuringly, but her quivering chin probably gave her away. 
Alex’s face drew taut. “You don’t listen very well.”  
Her ex-husband swayed slightly, his olive skin turning white. He kept his eyes on Natasha.
Horrified, Natasha watched Tony, knowing if Alex killed him she would never recover. A sob ripped from her throat at the thought of it. The seconds ticked by as they studied each other, Alex’s finger playing with the trigger. Tony didn’t move from his knees, but he didn’t back down or beg. 
He can’t kill Tony. “Alex, please,” Natasha whispered.
Alex glanced at her. “Please?”
“Please don’t kill him.” She begged him with her gaze, not sure why she thought Alex would listen to her. “I’ll do anything you want. Just let him live. Please.”
He shook his head, made a disgusted noise deep in his throat, and pulled the gun into a non-threatening vertical position. “You owe me.” 

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sitting is the New Smoking - Runner's World article

I read "Sitting is the New Smoking - Even for Runners" on the treadmill a few days ago. It hit me hard. Yes, I exercise almost every day and try to be active the rest of the time. But the fact remains that I'm an author and if I want to get books written I have to park my growing fanny in the chair for hours a day. The article points out: "Unless you have a job that keeps you moving, most of your non-running time is likely spent sitting. And that would make you an 'active couch potato'—a term coined by Australian researcher Genevieve Healy, Ph.D., of the University of Queensland to describe exercisers who sit most of their day. If they aren't careful, she says, active couch potatoes face the same health risks as their completely inactive counterparts."
Scary, huh? 
Their solutions were to get up and move more, use an exercise ball, or a treadmill desk. 
How do you keep moving throughout the day? We always try to take the stairs, park farther away than we need to, and chase our boys around as often as possible. Now if I can just talk my husband into that treadmill desk :)