Monday, July 30, 2012


We made it home from California. The beach was fabulous! My big boys taught me how to boogie board. Well, they tried to teach them, then my husband started just throwing me onto the waves - saved everyone a lot of time, very fun for me, and a great workout for him!
I hope you're all having a wonderful summer! Are you doing any big trips or just happy to relax at home for a minute?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daydreaming through the half-marathon

I survived Not Yo Mama's half-marathon last weekend. So glad to be done, but it really was a great experience. I did 1:53 which I was pretty proud of as the beastly race is straight up Smithfield Canyon. I kept telling myself that I was the beast (term borrowed from 13yo) not the canyon but the pep talk wasn't 100% effective. I had to shoot a GU halfway through, further evidence that I am getting old and don't have the energy I used to!
I was able to lose myself in a daydream about my latest novel for a few miles so that helped immensely. When I was exhausted at mile 12 and Cassidy (heroine from Dead Running) wasn't showing me any other scenes from her sequel, I actually thought, "Come on Cassidy, give me something!" She said back, "Leave me alone, I'm kissing Jesse." I laughed out loud as I ran, then realized I'm a bit of an oddball to be conversing with fictional characters as I run!

What do you do to keep your mind off the pain when you're pushing yourself?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Smithfield half-marathon is tomorrow and I am so nervous! Why am I nervous. It's just one foot in front of the other, right? I think part of my worry is I did this course last year and it was awful. Worst race of my life. Why did I sign up for it again? Because I'm an idiot. Honestly, it's a beautiful course up Smithfield Canyon, the hills are just killer.
Speaking of being an idiot I'm toying with the idea of run/walking 38 miles on my 38th bday (two months away). Is that just nuts or would it be kind of cool to do?
Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day as I have my race, a wedding in Salt Lake for a dear friend's daughter, and a book signing. If you live in Cache Valley, come see me at the signing. It's always such a relief to see somebody who likes me! Here are the details:
I  will be signing books at The Book Table in Logan, Saturday, July 14th from ten a.m. to noon with Daniel Coleman, author of Gifts and Consequences, Bretton Hadfield, author of Max the Mouse Goes to the Moon, William Jensen, author of Adder in the Path, and Michelle L. King author of Mr. Percy’s Mysterious Glasses and Barrett’s Unusual Ice Cream Party.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Win Dead Running

Wanted to share some exciting news. What to Expect While You're Expecting has donated two full sets of their books for me to giveaway on my book blog. There are very few entries so even if you don't need the books yourself, you could give them away as baby presents. Click here to enter.
I am also giving away an autographed copy of Dead Running here. There are 178 blogs giving away books or other prizes so it's great fun to sign up for others on the list.
If you would like a Kindle version of Dead Running, I dropped the price to $.99 through the end of the week.
Dead Running is also finally available on Nook and a bunch of other versions here.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!