Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Giveaways - Fitness Contest

If you are still trying to decide whether to enter October's fitness contest, you really should. I've got so many fun prizes. I'm going to be extremely motivated to walk right past the Dreyer's display. If I walk really fast I can't smell the ice cream!

Here's the list of the prizes I've accumulated so far:

Am I Not a Man? The Dred Scott Story by Mark L. Shurtleff donated by Candace Salima - http://valorpublishinggroup.com/books/1shurtleff.htm

Loyalty's Web by Joyce DiPastena - http://jdp-news.blogspot.com/ - http://www.joyce-dipastena.com

Famous Family Nights by Anne Bradshaw - http://www.annebradshaw.com -http://annebradshaw.blogspot.com

A Modest Proposal by Michele Bell - http://michelleabel.blogspot.com - www.micheleashmanbell.com

Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys by Janet Kay Jensen - http://janetkayjensen.blogspot.com - www.janetjensen.com

Finding Faith by Terri Ferran - www.terriferran.com

Against the Giant by Christy Hardman - www.christyhardman.com

By Love or By Sea by Rachel Rager - http://www.rachelrager.com/ - http://rachelrager.blogspot.com/

Women of Virtue by Jodi Robinson - www.jodimarierobinson.blogspot.com

Dawn's Early Light by Laurie L.C. Lewis - www.laurielclewis.com - www.laurielclewis.blogspot.com

An Angel on Main Street by Kathi Oram Peterson - www.kathiorampeterson.com - www.kathiswritingnook.com

The Journey donated by Jewel Adams - http://www.jadamsnovels.com - http://www.jewelsbestgems.blogspot.com

The Ball's in Her Court by Heather Justesen - www.HeatherJustesen.com - www.heatherJustesen.blogspot. com

The Sister Pact by Cami Checketts - www.camichecketts.com

Foot Zoning donated by Stephanie Austin

Free Nutrition Consult donated by Christa Kramer (Roxy)

$10 Borders gift certificate donated by Cami Checketts

$10 Ross gift certificate donated by Cami Checketts

$10 Hobby Lobby gift certificate donated by Liz Cellan

Hair products donated by Lynette Jensen

Gift certificates to Cache Valley Fun Park - soft play, lazer tag, bowling, skating

Can you believe all those fun prizes? If you haven't heard of a book on this list, you should go check out the author's website. These are amazing writers and I am so grateful they would donate to the contest.

If you're interested, you can review the rules here and leave a comment to be entered into the contest - http://fitnessformom.blogspot.com/2009/09/fitness-contest_25.html

Hope you all have a marvelous day,


  1. okay, okay, I'm joining. I keep trying to tell myself I don't have time for cooking real meals or doing real exercise if I'm going to do awesome stuff for Tristi's writing challenge, but I couldn't convince myself that was true. Besides, some of those prizes are far too tempting!

  2. Yeah, Heather! You'll be so glad you did it. We've got so many great prizes, even if you don't do perfect you're going to win something fabulous.
    Good luck with Tristi's writing challenge. That's the one I really need to enter.