Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Want to be a Biggest Loser Too

I love The Biggest Loser. It's an inspiring show. A few months ago I posted about all the lessons I've learned the six times I've watched the show (which is a big deal for me as I don't love television).
The other night it hit me that The Biggest Loser is a lot like Extreme Home Makeover. I remember seeing that show when we were building our house. I got irate. They could build a house in one week. We couldn't get our countertops done in one week! But I had to face the facts: Extreme Home Makeover is not reality. The Biggest Loser isn't either. Very few of us are going to lose 17 pounds in one week.
I try to remember to concentrate on the important stuff, the scale is moving in the right direction and I'm making good choices every day. I will return to my pre-pregnancy weight just like our house finally did get finished. We enjoy those countertops every day.


  1. There was a big following at our hospital in the PT department until we found out that Jullian Michaels was lying about being a PTA...so we all quit watching and turned her into the California State Boards.

    On a good note--we do commend her on being up front and real with the obese. I have worked with the obese (gastric bypass people) for years. They come in and get the operation and then lose 100 pounds then in two years they gain back half...Why because they don't exercise and eat crap.

    The nurses at the hospital love the show. Anytime the patients won't get out of bed and walk...they turn on the show at night and say, "Hey if this out of shape guy that is 200 pounds heavier than you can do 4 hours of workouts with these tough trainers. You can do it to." --- it helps that shows push over weight people so "Overweight people realize they have no excuse anymore to lay around."

    Just my two cents.....Keep writing. Haven't read your book. I see you are an author at Cedar Fort. If you ever wish to do a joint book signing in Salt Lake, Phoenix or Boise...Let me know. shannonalder.com

  2. Thanks, Shannon. I haven't had a new book out in a while because of the cute baby, but when my next one comes out I would love to schedule something with you in Salt Lake.
    I agree with you on the motivation. It's so amazing to see those people work so hard when it's got to hurt to even move!