Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fitness Contest?

Through my other fitness blog - http://fitmommas.blogster.com - I often host fitness contests. We get points for healthy eating, exercise, water intake, etc. Then I provide prizes for the winners. Would any of you be interested in doing something like that? I'm thinking of doing it for the month of October. Any input would be wonderful.

My friend Leslie Pocock and I are embarking on a fitness and healthy eating contest that begins today. Here's our plan. If either of us eat a treat or unhealthy food or if we don't exercise we have to put a dollar in a jar. At the end of the contest we have to give the other person our jar full of money, unless we reach our weight loss goal. If we reach our goal we keep our money and our husbands said they would match the money for shopping.

I really need a kick in the pants right now (I can't fit into some of my pants!).

What helps you to get motivated? Contests, money, fitting into your clothes, feeling good? Are fitness contests effective for you or do you just go back to old habits as soon as you finish?


  1. I LOVE INCENTIVES!!!! THEY MOTIVATE ME to push more...I use them for my aerobics classses. WE have one each quarter... usually 6-8 weeks in length.... currently we are doing one where each person chooses a GOAL for mind, body, spirit....if they complete that goal and come to class at least once per week then their name goes into a drawning. I require them to fill out a SMART goal sheet and send it to me....helps with accountablility.
    The "prizes"...other than HEALHIER HABITS for all is usually a spa gift card, gift certificate to nice resturant, exercise clothes gift card....one time I even bought a one night stay at a nice hotel near by!
    SO YES...CONTESTS or INCENTIVES are the way to go...I encourage the "contest" to be you against you...but friendly competition never hurts!

    SIGN ME UP...I'm in!!!!

  2. What a fabulous job you're doing helping others be more healthy! Good job.
    I'll figure out the contest and let you know. The prizes won't be anything too big (I don't have much of a budget) but for sure one of my books and I'll see what else I can do.
    Thanks for stopping by,