Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Workout

I hope you all had a fabulous and fun Christmas! The boys were adorable. My 6yo kept saying, "This is the best Christmas ever!" You just can't beat that.
I was part of a Cardio Christmas party on Christmas Eve. The workout was pretty simple as we all just had half an hour.

We did 20-30 reps of the following. Between each set we would do 30 walking lunges and then run backwards with the weights held above our heads. So fun!

Frontal raise - Take the bar or weights down to the ground then swing them up in front of you until they're overhead, slowly lower and repeat.
Overhead Press
Burpies - Jump down, pushup, jump up, jack, repeat
Bent-over row
Biceps Curl
Overhead triceps press
Squat leaps

Have a wonderful Christmas break. We've got lots of snow so we'll be spending our break playing outside then drinking enough cocoa to rejuvenate our energy and get back outside.

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