Friday, November 2, 2012


It's only Friday and I'm posting Monday's workout. Wow, I am with it.
This workout about killed me. My glutes were sore until Thursday. Loving that!

We did the workout four times through, each time we did a different exercise (12-20 reps) for each muscle group and a different plyometric to finish off. I'll list each muscle group and the exercises we did then you can format it how you like.

Legs - Forward lunge, back lunge, side lunge, and jump and lunge
Shoulders - Overhead press, lateral raise, frontal raise, upright row
Chest - Pushups with feet on bench, chest press, flies, regular pushups
Back - Bent-over row, reverse fly (used bands once on each and weights once on each)
Biceps - Front curl, side curl, hammer curl, twisting curl
Triceps - Overhead press, kickback, dips, overhead press lying down
Abs - Plank (different kinds each time)
Plyometrics - Jacks, squat leap, box jump, plie jump

Hope you all have a great weekend,

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