Saturday, November 10, 2012

Toilet Legs

Last week's workout gave us toilet legs. You know, when your backside hurts so bad you can't sit down on the toilet without crying. One lady swore she was installing bars in her bathroom! Let me know if you feel the love when you try the workout.

Using balls and bars


Holding medicine ball - lower to right toe, swing up to left side, high above head and twist, repeat 20-30 times then switch sides
Ab twist - sitting, lean back and touch ball side to side on the ground, twisting

Lunges around the entire gym with weighted bar on shoulders - Our gym is huge, two basketball courts, we were shaking halfway through.
Run around the gym with weighted bar over head
Run backward around gym
Jumping Jacks

30-50 reps of the following:
Dead Lifts
Squats (with jumps)
Biceps Curl
Triceps Kickback

Cool down with plank, side plank, and yoga.

Fun, eh?