Friday, March 4, 2011

How to get through a tough workout

You're cruising along in spin class and the instructor tells you to sprint, give all you've got. Do you ever feel like you can't give any more? I love the feeling of working hard (after it's over) but how do you keep going when you really just want to lie down and have someone place chocolate on your tongue?

I either block my mind, concentrate on the beat of the music, count to thirty (and promise myself I'll stop pushing so hard when I hit thirty), or think about how good I'm going to look in my new swimming suit (I can dream big, my brain doesn't know my thighs are 36).

What gets you through the pain of a hard workout?


  1. Sheer determination to FINISH THE TASK! I love pushing those in my class to go a little more than their "stopping point"! We ALL could GIVE MORE/DO MORE/PUSH MORE...but we seem to pull ourselves back!
    I just focus on NO REGRETS and keep going...I don't want to disappointment myself! I KNOW I CAN DO IT...'s the " I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN until I BELIEVE... I KNOW I CAN...but JUST KEEP ON!
    Don't sell yourelf short!

  2. Inspiring as always. Thanks Roxy! I remember through one of my marathons it was "Just keep running, just keep running," like Dory on Finding Nemo. Whatever mantra keeps you moving.