Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eat like a baby

My 7mo is teaching us some great lessons about how to eat. Though we might not want to aspire to his chubby physique, we would like to be as uncomplicated about food as he is.

#1 - Fruits and veggies are amazing. Phoenix downs any kind of fruit or veggie placed on his tongue. I love fruits and veggies as well, but pureed prunes? That's pushing it a bit far.

#2 - You don't have to clean your plate. When Phoenix is done, he's done. There's no sneaking in one more bite. It really is okay to throw food away or save it for another meal. Let go of the guilt and the extra calories - toss it in the garbage.

#3 - Don't eat it just because it's fun. There's always an uncle, cousin, grandma, or brother who thinks it's fun to feed the baby dessert or dairy (before a year) and see how the baby likes it. It's okay to eat sometimes for fun, but for the most part eating should be to improve health, increase energy, and sustain life. Sorry to be the party pooper but if a food is going to hurt you in the long run, it's not really fun.

#4 - Slow down. My husband loves to shovel Phoenix's food in as quickly as the little guy opens his mouth. I cussed him and now we're both taking it slow. Me because I need to run around the kitchen and do ten things between each bite. My husband because he knows I'm watching! As a mom it's easy to rush through eating. Don't do it. Slow down and savor each bite. You'll eat less and you'll enjoy life more.

The older I get the more food issues I find myself dealing with. Keeping it simple and uncomplicated may just be the key to getting over the unhealthy behaviors.

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