Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Living Vicariously Through the Olympics

We've hit a lazy summer patch at our house - having a hard time getting motivated after vacation and would rather sit and watch the Olympics than get out and do something ourselves. It hit me that the Olympics (and other sporting events) are a selfless activity for us spectators as we cheer on and support others but aren't doing anything to improve ourselves. It's a great time to cheer on our athletes (those we know and love and those we wish we knew) but we're also living vicariously through someone else. So I decided this morning that I'd use the Olympics to motivate me and instead of just being a spectator I'd get out there and do an activity I wouldn't normally do. When I got home from my run I swam laps - Dana Vollmer I am not but at least I tried!

What about you? Does the Olympics motivate you to become a better athlete or just give you an excuse to sit on the couch?

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