Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 Exercises Your Kids Will Love

On the blog today I have Ashley Holmes sharing some fun ways to get our children moving.

Teaching your child to stay healthy from a young age will help them maintain that healthy attitude and well-being as they grow older. This is because if exercise becomes a habit for your children when they are little, they will grow to believe it’s normal to be active all their lives. Activities such as television, gaming, etc are not healthy choices. Furthermore, lack of physical activity can lead to many adverse health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and more. Take it upon yourself to make exercise fun for your children and help them get that jump start on physical fitness. Below are some ways to do so!

Leap Frog
Leap frog has been a game that children have played for years. On a nice, sunny day take time outside to enjoy a game of leap frog with your kids and their friends. To play leap frog, have the children sit on the ground, crouching over. Taking your hands and placing them on the child’s shoulders, hop over their body and crouch down yourself as the next person in line stands up and jumps over everyone. Children love jumping, and this will lead to some sweaty fun, which means pumping hearts and calories burned.

Frankenstein Walk
The Frankenstein walk is an exercise that makes children burn lots of calories, but laugh while it’s being done. The exercise is replicating the moves that Frankenstein made when walking. Have the children walk in a large, open area and kick one leg up in the air at a time. While doing so, have them lift the opposite arm and touch the toes of the raised foot. Having the children hold their stomach in tight will give a great abdominal and cardiovascular workout!

An old time favorite, hopscotch is so much fun for children. Not only does it create lots of body movement, but making the hopscotch squares is just as much fun as the exercise. Let children use colored chalk to draw the squares before playing the game. Let them hop on one foot and then two throughout the square board for about 15 or 20 minutes for a great exercise program that is fun as well.

Jumping Rope
Lots of calories can be burned by playing jump rope with the kids and their friends. This is a great way to teach the children about good cardiovascular workouts and will also be helpful to keep your children looking good as they get older, because jumping rope if great for toning legs, especially calves.

Kick Ball
Another traditional game from years ago is kickball. A good game of kickball with just family or friends is a great way to have the children running around the yard and chasing the ball. Playing kickball for about 30 minutes provides a good cardiovascular routine and will also tire the kids out for bed time later on. The fewer players, the better, because that means more activity.
Ashley Holmes writes about fitness, finance& saving money at www.homeequityloan.net.

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