Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Good posture not only helps you look ten pounds lighter it's also been proven to make you more confident and successful. I've noticed how poor my posture is lately, holding cute baby all day and never standing up straight. A few tips to help:
Strengthen the upper back with seated rows, bent-over rows, and reverse flies
Stretch the chest - I like putting both hands on a door frame and then leaning through the door with the chest
Push your tongue against the spot where the roof of your mouth and the back of your upper teeth meet, it will automatically straighten you up
Tilt your pelvis and tuck in those abs - this will also help train your abs to stay flat, works better than crunches and is much easier (if I can just remember)


  1. I'm always having to remind myself to sit up straighter! Good post!

    Hope you and the baby are doing good!

    I have an award for you HERE

  2. ok... first of all WELCOME BACK...from baby fog. That can be a lonely...EXHAUSTING place!
    As for motivation.... we all need it! Agree that a little INCENTIVE GOES A LONG I often have "goal contests" in my Mommy and Me classes. Recently, (last monday) we finished a 6 week goal... if they completed it and attended class their names were in the drawing for a MASSAGE and gift card to a resturant...ALL ON ME!
    So maybe that would help... have a goal and a "prize" for yourself...just be sure that the goal is REALISTIC, MEASURABLE, SPECIFIC, and has a TIMELINE!
    Do enlist a friend to JOIN you on the return of fitness... it HELPS so much...and you'll get some girl time in too. BONUS!

    POSTURE is shows the "ATTITUDE" of confiendence. (Looking confident is half the battle)
    BEST wishes!!
    PS I thought it was going to be pink! HAppy 4 boys!! BLUE RULES!

  3. So fabulous to hear from you, Roxy! Boys are wonderful, aren't they?
    Thanks for the great ideas. It is nice to be back into life, but I am still keeping one foot strongly planted in the new baby love and just enjoying that cute little man.
    Take care,