Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Have you ever been on a diet?
I constantly preach against fad diets, but I'm as guilty of anyone of "going on a diet" when I need to lose a few pounds. The sad thing about diets (besides how miserable they are) is that 95% of people put the weight they lose back on. Not great odds. It's just too hard to maintain a diet and it also messes with your metabolism. Best just to stick with good old healthy eating and effective exercise to stay at a good weight for life.
How about you? What's the craziest diet you've been on? When you've lost weight dieting have you kept it off?


  1. I agree. Diet and exercise is the only way to go. I've been following a modified version of the Paleo Diet. Only eating "real" food makes a huge difference and it's not hard. I've lost 60lbs, my body fat is down to 16% and I've kept it off for over a year. I'm healthy, strong & feel great!

  2. Congrats Ali, that's fabulous! I think it's so important to find a healthy diet that you can live with not something you're going to get fed up with.
    Great job!

  3. Hey there... as a RD I don't advocate DIEts. (DIE is the key point)
    RATHER choose LIVE-Its! ACTUAL LIFEstyle CHANGES that help keep the balance of calories in and calories out. When you're trying to "tip" it one way or the just have to balance the food choices a little more closely and BURN the fuel EFFECTIVELY.
    MORE FRUITS and VEGGIES, less saturated fat, WHOLE grains.
    not to mention breast feeding....that always helps.
    As for being on a diet...never really did it... just common sense approach to eating.

  4. Thanks, Roxy. Love the LIVE-Its! Care if I still that term for speaking to women and youth?
    You're awesome!