Saturday, April 17, 2010

No TV for a week?

Next week is No-TV Week for my sons' schools. We decided we're giving up all multi-media. I'm turning off my computer for an entire week. Oh, my. Hope I survive.

I've got a whole list of the fun things we're going to do as a family. Check it out here.

Getting children active is such a huge issue with today's childhood obesity and other health scares related to a sedentary lifestyle. We love and protect our children from so many things, I hope we can protect them from health issues by increasing their activity and offering healthy foods.

I'll let you know how it goes next week!


  1. totally agree...but not sure we could last a's what helps me get dinner going defense we do PLAY outside a LOT and dance around when it's raining!! Hoping you and baby are well!

  2. I think all things are good in moderation. I would never get any writing done without a bit of Sesame Street!
    We're doing great. I'm fat and tired, but so thrilled to be pregnant.