Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can fat hinder your strength?

Does your diet really affect your workout?

"Canadian researchers found that when you regularly eat high-fat foods, the excess fat is stored within the muscles, slowing their fat-burning ability." (i)

"It's like carrying a backpack with 33% of your weight in it, but your muscles can't compensate for the extra work," Thomas Hawke, PhD, associate professor at McMaster University

So basically the more fat you consume the more you hinder your ability to burn that fat, even if you're exercising vigorously. Makes you think before gobbling that next Big Mac.

(i) "Wake Up Your Workout" Prevention, February 2010


  1. TotalLY! You are what you eat... food is FUEL and SATURATED fat is not a good fuel!!
    hoping all is well!

  2. Luckily grease and sweets make me sick, so at least this bambino is going to be healthy!