Thursday, August 6, 2009

Treat Control

I wanted to post on something that I thought of the entire drive home from California. Wish I would've thought of it during my trip so I didn't eat so much! I'm wondering when a treat stopped being a treat? My Memphis will grab a bowl of ice cream as a snack and you all know my issues with chocolate addiction! So at our house we're trying to make a treat into a special occasion not a daily splurge (or two or three times a day). Here are some suggestions that will hopefully help us all.

1 – When do you truly enjoy a treat? I’ve found that I don’t savor a treat if I eat it in a party setting. I’m too focused on the social aspect of the party and I consume treats mindlessly. I’ve made it a point to only eat treats when I’m with my family or alone and can focus on the sensation and delight of each bite.

2 – Of course holidays are special times for treats, pie on Thanksgiving, sugar cookies on Valentines. But how about adding some healthy traditions to holidays. A walk after Thanksgiving dinner or a flag football game with the extended family. A dance-a-thon on Valentine’s or a family wrestling match. For my three sons, nothing says love like a kicking, biting, hitting wrestling match.

3 – Don’t keep treats in the house. Go out for an ice cream cone or a slice of pie. Make a treat a special time to be with those you love, not just a convenient thing to grab out of the fridge. (I had to throw my 5-quart container of ice cream in the trash to write this article. Maybe if I hurry I can pull it back out before it thaws.)

4 – Eat fruit as dessert. Great way to satisfy your sweet tooth with something healthy. I try to steer away from fruit juice because of the extra calories. In Prevention Magazine they claimed that reducing “liquid calories” is five times more effective for weight loss than cutting back on calories from solid foods. So if you can, eat the whole food.

5 – If you absolutely must have a treat, try a small ice cream cone or a couple of wrapped chocolates like Dove Promises. Yum! I find sometimes it’s better for me to have a small portion of a treat I’m really craving rather than eating everything in the pantry and still feeling unsatisfied.

Please add any ideas you have that help you and your family to make treats special and rare!

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