Friday, August 21, 2009

Posture and Weight Loss

It's amazing the effect posture can have on a person's confidence, success level, and how other people perceive them.

Studies have proven that people with good posture look ten pounds lighter, and now they've discovered that good posture can help you lose weight quicker.

So how do you get good posture?

It's easy to say, "Stand up straight." But sometimes if you're in the habit of slouching or you are bent over a computer or baby all day it is almost painful to stand up straight. If that's the case you need to strengthen your back muscles (seated row, bent-over row, lat pull-down, etc.) and stretch your chest muscles. My favorite chest stretch is to place hands at shoulder level on a door frame, then lean forward through the open door. You must hold a stretch for 26 seconds for it to be effective.

Another thing that helps as you're focusing on improving your posture is to do visual checks in a mirror and think through the aspects of good posture.

Head in alignment with spine - Michael Colgan offers this advice - push your tongue against the spot where the back of your teeth and the roof of your mouth connect, it will naturally straighten you.

Shoulders down and back - think about contracting shoulder blades together rather than thrusting them back and chest forward

Hips tucked under - tighten your bum slightly

Abs in tight

I sit slouched in my chair typing this list. I'm headed to do a visual check and see if I can't look ten pounds thinner!

Hope you all have a fabulous day,



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