Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Self-control is the key in improving the lacking areas of my life. I want to be a fun, interactive Mom (control my time-wasters so I can focus on the boys), I want to push myself physically and accomplish my writing goals, I want to eat reasonably and feel healthy. I searched the web for some kind of self-control tips, but the best article I found talked about how we don't need willpower, we need to make choices. Here's an excerpt from it:

Chant the following each day, several times. They are mantras that will save your life:

- The choice to do nothing is still a choice and yields nothing.

- I am responsible for my body. If I don’t take responsibility, who will?

- I make choices daily as to how I'm going to fuel my body.

- I will STAY aware

- Choice IS control (i)

I like this list. We have choices to make every day. I falter because I let myself think that certain choices won't make a difference in the long-term or I justify my behavior. (I ran hard this morning, I deserve this bowl of ice cream!)

How do you keep yourself in control? How do you motivate yourself to make healthy choices?

(i) A Guide to Empowerment and Self-Control by JLee Davis -

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