Monday, July 20, 2009

Becoming a runner

My little sister, Abbie, has been working diligently to become a runner. She started by walking a block then running a block, gradually increasing the ratio until she was running a mile then walking for a few minutes before running again. Saturday we ran five miles together. Such a proud moment for me.

I know not everyone can run because of joint or health issues, but I found this great article in Prevention about how to become a runner. And it's well worth trying. "Minute for minute, running burns about twice as many calories as walking." (i) Running has been proven to be one of the top cardiovascular means to burn calories. Also running stimulates more good-mood hormones in the brain so runners report enjoying their workout more. (No wonder I'm so addicted to my run even when it hurts like a bikini wax.)

So if you've ever wanted to try running, here's your chance. Check out this link -

(i) Turn your walk into a run ... and drop a size in 4 weeks by Marianne McGinnis, Prevention, July 2009


  1. What a GREAT momment for you to share with sister!!!!
    I feel her I am NOT a runner...but trying to become one! We're training for a half marathon in October.
    So far I've gotten up to 4 miles with times between 8:35-9:00 minute average per mile....gotta run today...and trying to get "geared up"! Not sure why I have such a road "block" on running...just enjoy the group exercise thing more!
    Have you ever tried BODYPUMP???
    It's great... and I'm looking into getting certified to teach Bodyattack...would be great to help with the endurance needed for running!
    Thanks for the article!

  2. Hi Roxy,

    Good luck with the half marathon. I started running five years ago, had never ran over five miles in my life and decided to do a full. Now I'm addicted. It really does get easier!
    I used to teach Body Pump. Such a great upper and lower body workout. The past couple of years I've become a muscle head though and haven't done much group fitness. Maybe when the boys are older and I can fit everything in.
    Thanks for stopping by,