Monday, October 8, 2012

Killer Workout

I realized today that my class participants are in better shape than me. I'm gasping for air, praying for the hour to be over and they're just smiling at me and doing everything I ask without complaint. Love those ladies!
Here is the workout we did this morning. I'm already sore, I'm going to be crying tomorrow!

Repeat through three times:

Wall balls (30 reps)
Walking lunges with medicine ball above your head - we did it across the gym, probably about 30 reps
Crabwalk backward the length of the gym (we tried to shake this up by going forward and flipping over to hands and feet)
Run backwards the length of the gym

20 reps and three sets of the following:
Reverse fly (with band)
Plie and jump, touching toes in center
Lateral raise (with band)
Lunge and jump change to other side
Biceps Curl
Squat and leap towards ceiling
Overhead triceps extension

Erector spinae, ab curls, and oblique raise on exercise ball


Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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