Thursday, February 16, 2012

A kid's meal?

A friend told me yesterday that every person in her family, but her husband, orders a kid's meal when they go out to eat. Wow. I have four boys. My 13yo and 9yo order the largest meal available and if they are given permission will order an appetizer or an extra meal. My 5yo will sometimes eat a kid's meal but quite often he is hungry when we get home. The 18mo does okay with a kid's meal but still eats off of my plate. What in the world? Are we just a bunch of gluttons? My boys are healthy and thin so I don't limit what they eat. The problem is that I like to eat also. I love to workout hard and eat healthy but I am not one to starve myself. I will usually bring half of my meal home from a restaurant (if the boys aren't with me to help out) but I still like to order a full, yummy meal.
What about you? Could you be satisfied with a kid's meal or do you enjoy a bit more?


  1. I try to go with the kids meal, but I won't lie... sometimes I swipe the last nugget that the two year old doesn't eat.

    If I'm marathon training though -- philly cheesesteak all the way :)

    1. Don't you love marathon training time?
      I can't choke down nuggets (unless we're at Chik-fil-a) but I do love a good french fry once in awhile!