Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I used to be a rah-rah. Yes, many years ago I donned a too-short skirt and my pom-poms and cheered my team to victory. Back in the days when cheerleaders wore cheerleading uniforms that covered all their sides. Our group of rah-rahs firmly believed we were supporting our team, their good luck charm. In our minds we were selfless creatures holding up the sidelines for the greater good.

To get you in the spirit of cheerleading, I have a couple of challenges for you today.

#1 Challenge – Be someone’s cheerleader.

How can you be someone’s cheerleader? Look outside yourself. It’s easy to find someone who needs a lift and make them feel good about themselves. It could be your child, spouse, sibling, neighbor, friend, or co-worker. Opportunities abound to build someone’s self-esteem. Kind words will never come around to bite you. Quite the contrary. You’ll find as you encourage and lift others your feelings of self-worth and happiness will improve.

#2 Challenge – Identify the person who cheers you on. First tell them thanks and second internalize their words.

I have been blessed with an amazing mother who truly believes I can do no wrong. Everybody deserves someone like that in their life. I hope you all have someone who makes you feel better about yourself. Many of us have the tendency to dismiss anything positive said about us. We blush and change the subject. It’s important to be humble, but at the same time you need to feel good about yourself or you won’t be able to accomplish all the good you could. Internalize the compliments you receive and use them to make yourself a better person, use them to make your corner of the world a better place.

You don’t need a short skirt to cheer your team on. Get out there and make someone feel good today.


  1. GREAT POST!!! I try DAILY to boost and CHEER those in my aerobics classes! I send encouraging emails at least 2 times per week and just PUSH them past where they want to stop!!
    In return...they are my cheerleaders...it's because of them that I keep going! Ricporal effect??

  2. Roxy, you are the coolest! Someday I'm going to show up at one of your aerobics classes.
    It is amazing how they good you give away just comes back.
    Keep it up, my friend!

  3. WOULD love for you to show up one day!! That would BE AMAZNING!!! Hugs to you for such a GREAT blog!!

  4. Thanks, Roxy. Maybe when my publisher sends me on a book tour, I can request your home town! We can dream, right?